Edvin Dobrilović: 4×5=20


Edvin Dobrilovič: 4×5=20

(29. 8. 2017 – 6. 10. 2017)

Otvoritev: torek 29. avgust ob 20h, vabljeni

Metelkova veteran Edvin Dobrilović is returning to Metelkova after a few years break with his exhibition entitled 4×5=20. The exhibition will be displayed at the Night Display Gallery Pešak from 29 August. Welcome to the opening at 8 pm, and meet Edi!

Edvin Dobrilović is an artist, restorer, collector, bricoleur, craftsman, and for many years a tireless creator of many urban artistic interventions. Without doubt, Edvin is the most active artist to whom goes all credit for the aesthetic and friendly community space.